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From Friday, October 1st at 6pm through Sunday, October 3rd at 6pm Games4SocialImpact will be running! It is a game jam, and in case you do not know what a game jam is, it is essentially:

You will be on a team of 1-5 people and will have from that Friday night until Sunday at 2pm to create a game (board, video, tabletop, roleplay, larp, etc.) based on the social impact theme. The theme will be randomly decided from 4 options that Friday night. Food and space will be provided. We also have really cool prizes from 5 categories: Top Judges’ Prize, Top Jammers’ Prize, Best Technical Implementation, Best Aesthetic Design, Best Narrative Design. Top prizes include Oculus 2 headsets & Android tablets. Other prizes include drawing tablets & really good board games.

It will be held in the IS building floor 3, though we will not be allowed to stay overnight. The overnight option will be offered on the Discord, which you can join here:

Do not worry if you don’t have a team ahead of time; you can join or create a team on that first night. Food will be provided, as will any needed assistance.

The website can be found here:

Registration can be found here:

Thanks all! 🙂


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