Hi Games.edu family!

To prep for our 2021/2022 school year, it’s time to revive the website!

Here, you members of the club can share what you create, write game reviews, or suggestions! Really, anything you think is fitting for Games.edu! We’ll also use it to share events/news with you all.

Just a few rules:

  1. Keep it appropriate. This really goes without saying since we’re all adults here, but to have it in writing is a good step.
  2. Be kind and civil to each other. Yes, we’ll disagree with each other about games and opinions and everything else, but be respectful about it.
  3. If you see a bot, let me know. I’ll delete it. We have a lot of bots.

Thanks, all! I’m really excited to continue as President for this school year and hope to make this club a place we all can enjoy. 🙂


Events / Announcements